Blueberries like free-draining, acidic soil.

Optimum pH is 4.0-5.5

Two varieties should be planted together for pollination purposes.

Plant at 1.2-1.5m apart with 3-3.6m between rows.


The most common variety, still providing the bulk of the global crop after half a century of dominance. Tall and vigorous with large fruit. Extremely reliable. Cropping late July to late August.

Blue Jay

Suitable for more sheltered sites. Very attractive pink flower buds opening into pure white flowers. Produces clusters of large firm berries with good flavour. Yields up to 7.5kg per plant. Cropping mid season, same as Bluecrop (which it is now replacing) but more concentrated cropping period.


Spreading shrub growing to 1.6m, occasionallyn1.8m. Performs best when regularly pruned. Clusters of medium sized fruit with good flavour, regular and high yields. Good shelf life and transportation qualities. Less tolerant of wet soils. Ealry to mid season fruit. Late flowering so a good choice for frost prone sites. High disease resistance so suited to organic cultivation.


Very fast growing and robust cultivar. Berries large and aromatic. Performs well in poor conditions. Fruiting late July to end of August.