(Juglans ailantifolia var. cordiformis)

A relative of Walnut, native to Japan.

Hardier and more vigorous than walnuts. Less prone to disease and more tolerant of wet climates.

Heartnuts have a reputation of being hard to shell but the varieties offered here have improved shelling capacity.

Flavor is somewhere between a walnut and a pecan. The nut is shaped like a heart. Mature trees produce over 100kg of nuts.

The stock is not grown from nut but is grafted from known varieties.

Heartnuts are generally not self-fertile so more than one cultivar should be planted.

They flower in early to mid-May and are sensitive to frosts.

They grow into big trees and need 10-12m spacing.

Trees are heat grafted under contract.

Nut production can begin as early as year 4 though it is more typically year 7 or 8.

A limited numbers of large specimen heartnuts are available. Call for more details.