Almonds are grown outdoors as far north as southern Sweden. In Ireland they require warm sunny walls where there is good shelter from prevailing winds and from early frosts, and will do best in the drier and sunnier east and southeast of Ireland. They may also be grown in conservatories or greenhouses (may require hand-pollination indoors). The trees should be planted in deep, well drained and fertile soil.

Bare-rooted maiden trees, 2yr and 3yr trees on St Julien A rootstock.



The sweet almond, which is cultivated for its edible nuts, is closely related to the peach and the nectarine. Choose a sunny spot sheltered from cold winds for planting. They need a favorable spring and warm sunny conditions throughout summer and early autumn to produce and ripen good crops. Almonds start cropping after three to four years although their yields are highly unpredictable. Variety available Robijn – two year old bush.